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Speed Reading: Top 10 Ways To Improve Reading Speed And Reading Comprehension

By Richard Feldman

Given the volume of printed matter that business people, professionals, and students encounter each day, it’s easy to accumulate piles of unread material. Richard Feldman, president of Learning Techniques, a Merrick, NY firm that conducts educational seminars for companies and for college students, offers suggestions to help you read more quickly and effectively. Most people can double their productivity by applying these ten tips.

10. Skim Before Your Read – Speed read for main ideas in nonfiction works and textbooks. Scan the table of contents and first and last sentences of each paragraph. You’ll improve your reading speed and comprehension if you understand a book’s main ideas first. After you’ve skimmed the material, return to the beginning and read every line with improved reading speed and comprehension.

9. Prioritize Reading Materials – Categorize your reading into “important,” “moderately important,” and “least important” piles. Then tackle your reading, one pile at a time, in its order of importance. You’ll improve your reading speed and comprehension by getting to the most important material first while your mind is sharp and clear.

8. Select the Proper Environment – Avoid reading important or difficult material in bed. Read at a desk instead.

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7. Read Early in the Day – Improve your reading speed, comprehension, and concentration by reading during your “mental prime time.” For most people this means reading in the morning, not in the evening. Wake up early to take advantage of reading early in the day.

6. Turn Headings into Questions – For textbooks and other reference materials, turn chapter headings and subheadings into questions. Scan the text to find the answers to your questions. Your reading speed improves by doing this, and you stay focused on the material.

5. Avoid Using a Highlighter When Studying – Highlighting, although a commonly used technique, actually reduces comprehension and reading speed. People who highlight end up reading the material twice. Follow tip number 6 instead.

4. Preview Before You Read – Take a few minutes to preview a chapter before reading it. You’ll get a sense of what’s interesting and relevant. More important, you’ll get a sense of the overall structure of the chapter. This results in improved reading speed and comprehension.

3. Be Flexible with Your Reading Speed – Certain reading material must be read slowly and carefully: legal contracts and mathematical texts. Other materials can be read at much faster speeds: newspapers, novels, and magazines. Adjust your reading speed to the type of reading material and your reading purpose.

2. Read Correspondence Only Once – After you complete your reading of each piece, make a decision about what to do with it before moving on to the next one. By doing this, you avoid the need to read the same correspondence a second time in the future.

1. Enroll in a Speed Reading Class – Check the credentials of the speed reading instructor before enrolling in a speed reading class. If you are in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, I’d love to see you in one of my speed reading classes!

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About the Author: Dr. Richard Feldman is the founder of Learning Techniques. He holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology from Columbia University. View his upcoming speed reading classes at




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22 January

Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/OH-WY

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Ohio
  • 3 Oklahoma
  • 4 Oregon
  • 5 Pennsylvania
  • 6 Rhode Island
  • 7 South Carolina
  • 8 South Dakota
  • 9 Tennessee
  • 10 Texas
  • 11 Utah
  • 12 Vermont
  • 13 Virginia
  • 14 Washington
  • 15 West Virginia
  • 16 Wisconsin
  • 17 Wyoming
22 January

Scottish Labour elect Kezia Dugdale new leader

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kezia Dugdale MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament) has been elected as the new leader for Scottish Labour, it was announced today in Stirling. Dugdale replaces former MP Jim Murphy who resigned in June following Labour losing 40 of its 41 Scottish seats in the UK general elections. Dugdale received 72.1% of the vote, beating out Ken Macintosh who got 27.9% of the vote. Alex Rowley MSP was elected deputy leader.

Dugdale — the youngest Scottish Labour leader at age 33, and the third woman to take the role — said she will now work “night and day” to try and restore Labour’s position in Scottish politics. In a statement to voters, she tried to appeal to Labour’s lost supporters: “Take another look at the Scottish Labour party. I am not so presumptuous to ask instantly for your vote. But at the recent election 700,000 of you stuck with us but many chose someone else. All I ask is that you take a fresh look at the Scottish Labour party under my leadership.”

Harriet Harman, who is acting leader while the leadership elections for the national party are underway, welcomed Dugdale’s election: “I would like to congratulate Kezia Dugdale on being elected as the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, and Alex Rowley on being elected as Deputy Leader. They will be leading the historic task of rebuilding our Party in Scotland, reconnecting Labour with the people of Scotland and re-energising the links between our party in Scotland, Wales and England, and I know they will lead the party in Scotland forward with energy and commitment to Labour values and principles and will have the full support of the whole of the Labour Party.”

Derek Mackay from the Scottish National Party said a change of leadership won’t fix “the deep, deep problems which the Labour Party in Scotland now faces”.

During the election campaign, Dugdale criticised the length of time it was taking to select a new national party leader, both for UK Labour and for the Scottish party, and expressed concern UK candidate Jeremy Corbyn would not be electable as Prime Minister, telling The Guardian: “I want there to be a Labour government; otherwise I’m wasting my time. I don’t want to spend my whole life just carping from the sidelines. […] Here’s a guy that’s broken the whip 500 times. So how can the leader of the party enforce discipline with that record?”

This week, she said on BBC Good Morning Scotland: “That is hardly the most critical thing that anybody has said about his campaign. I am excited about his campaign and many people across the country are.”

Deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives Jackson Carlaw described her change of tune on Corbyn’s leadership bid as a “spectacular flip-flop”: “Only last week she was attacking Mr Corbyn by warning that a Labour party led by him would be ‘carping from the sidelines’. Now she says that they ‘share the same views’. What appears to have changed her mind is the dawning realisation that Mr Corbyn is heading for a landslide victory and she needs to get on board if she’s going to win her own election campaign.”

22 January

Irish inflation creeps upwards to 2.4%

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The inflation rate in Ireland, as measured by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), edged upwards to hit a five month high in May at 2.4%. This represents a 0.2% rise on the previous month when the rate stood at 2.2%.

The major contributors to the rise were increased transportation, healthcare, and education costs. In April the EU25 average rate of inflation was 2.1%, with Latvia having the highest rate at 7.1% and Sweden the lowest at 0.4%.

Despite the increase in the rate, Irish inflation remains very low – having hit 7% during 2000 and remaining around the 5% until the beginning of 2003. Another major factor easing any worries about the increase is Ireland’s very strong GDP growth – expected to be around 5.5% this year

On an annual basis the cost of footwear and clothing have fallen by 2.7% whilst energy costs have soared by 10.4%. The cost of food, furniture, and communications also fell over the last 12 months.

The Consumer Price Index is made up of over 55,000 prices consisting of 613 headings which cover over 1,000 different items.

18 January

Electronics Gadgets Questions: What Is Battery Life?}

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Electronics gadgets Questions: What Is Battery Life?



For somebody who’s into electronic gadgets, battery lifespan is something you are acquainted with. Almost every electronic device in the market today runs through the assistance of batteries just like cellular phones, music players, games, and lots more.

But if you do not regard yourself as a techie, knowing about battery charge lifespan is something you’ll find very helpful particularly if you’re meaning to buy an electronic gadget. So what’s battery lifespan? It alludes to the life cycle of a battery or the amount of its complete charge and discharge cycles which it’s capable of before reaching its particular lifetime. Most batteries typically have lifetimes of approximately 5 hundred to 1200 cycles.

Alternate types of electronic gadgets also call for different sorts of batteries. The elements utilized in these batteries vary greatly with the more favored types include Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium, and Lithium-Ion batteries which are rechargeable in nature. Meanwhile, alkaline batteries are also commonly used but they are disposable.

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With so many batteries out there, how are you able to tell which is better? Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH batteries are considered the best since they’re made to last longer with hydrogen-absorbing amalgamate as their negative electrodes. They are often used in compound and electrical plug-in autos. On the other hand, Nickel Cadmium or NiCd batteries use metallic cadmium as their negative electrode and is the reason why they have smaller capacity. They are commonly utilised in wireless phones, powered tools, and electronic toys. Lithium-Ion batteries have high energy conservation as well explaining why they are used in cellular phones, portables, and lots more.

Electronic gadgets are everywhere and whether we’re keen on it or not, they are here for good and is the reason why it helps to know which are best among them. As far as battery life-span is concerned none is better than cell-phones since they’re very handy, convenient, and can be employed for days without recharging. Digicams and mp3 players are also efficient electronic gadgets.

It won’t come as a surprise anymore to understand which among the electronic gadgets that we have today are battery-hungry. Among them, portables are the ones which are simply drained. This is because it takes a lot of electricity to keep it running without power. Most portables can only stay for 3 hours after which they have to be recharged.

So how can you make the maximum of your battery power? Are there techniques on how to improve battery charge lifespan? These are some tips :

Store your batteries rigorously when not in use. Put them in a sealed container and keep them in a cool dry place away from direct daylight.

Do not use fresh batteries with old ones since it can cause battery acid from old batteries to leak.

Remove the batteries from your electronic gadgets when not in use since they can still lose power when they’re in touch with a metal.

Permit your batteries to recharge fully before using them.

Always buy fresh batteries from a trusty store. Avoid purchasing those which have been displayed for such a long time.

Knowing more about the batteries you use in your electronic gadgets can help you identify which of them you want to utilise and how to take care of them properly. Bear this information in mind when hunting for new batteries or gadgets.

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electronics gadgets

store on the web. Visit Chinavasion or paste this link into your browser: http://www.chinavasion.com/ index.php/cName/electronic-gadgets/

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Electronics gadgets Questions: What Is Battery Life?


18 January

News briefs:July 30, 2010

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18 January

Honda wins car, truck of the year, unveils Fit

Monday, January 9, 2006

Honda’s Civic and Ridgeline truck won the North American Car and Truck of the Year awards at the International Auto Show in Detroit. This is the first time a company has won both awards in the same year. The finalists were the Ridgeline, the Ford Explorer SUV and the Nissan Xterra. The awards are intended to recognize vehicles for their innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction, and value.

Honda also unveiled its latest model the Fit, a US version of the Honda Jazz sold in nonUS markets. The Fit comes with a 109 horsepower engine, antilock brakes, six air bags, fold flat seats, full iPod connectivity, 90.1 cubic feet of passenger and cargo space, and 33 mpg for the city 38 mpg for the highway. A sport package will also include Honda’s first steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. The car will go against another two new Japanese subcompacts, the Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa and will have to wrestle away sales from the category’s current top seller Chevrolet’s Aveo.

The car will start selling in April for around $13,000 to $14,000 as a 2007 model. The company plans to sell 33,000 units of the hatchback in 2006.

Many automakers expect industry wide sales in the US to be between 16 and 17 million units. Honda, which is Japan’s third largest automaker, hopes to gain US market share with the redesigned Civic and the Fit. Honda hopes that the company’s auto sales will rise 4% this year. The fuel-efficient Civic helped increase US market share to 8.6 percent last year, some of those sales were taken from Ford as gas prices rocketed to $3 a gallon. The US market is extremely important for Honda as it receives 64% of its operating profit from the US.

18 January

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7 January

Sample Some Of The Most Effective Vehicle Cleaning Linlithgow Methods}

Sample some of the most effective Vehicle Cleaning Linlithgow methods



There are several methods applied by the Vehicle Cleaning Linlithgow experts in order to ensure that all vehicle parts are thoroughly cleaned. Some of the vehicle parts, especially those hidden around the chassis can be very difficult to clean manually. It therefore takes innovative methods such as those applied by the Sand Blasting Linlithgow experts in order to have some of these parts cleaned effectively. This method makes use of a gun jet or a mixture of sand and water under very high pressure, to carry out the cleaning.

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When cleaning rough surfaces, sand blasting has become one of the indispensable and highly effective procedures. This procedure is normally done through a sand blasting machine. There are two forms of this machine; a small portable one used for smaller objects, and a large stationary one, which is normally used in factories. However, the machines come in a broad range of designs and sizes, according to every client’s work and project needs. One of the most important attributes of the sand blasting machine is its versatility. It can be used for cleaning a number of structures including monument structures, vehicles, boats, ships and many more. It can also be used to prepare surfaces for welding, painting, galvanising and electroplating by thoroughly cleaning them.

For proper safety measures, experts recommend that it is advisable to go for models that have pressure gauges in order to monitor the internal vessel. Any time you are searching for competent Vehicle Cleaning Linlithgow, it is imperative to go for highly skilled and experienced experts so as to be assured of the safety of your vehicle. You must choose a company that does not only ensure that your vehicle s thoroughly cleaned but also takes care of its safety as well as that of the workers, together with the environment in general.

It is good to bear in mind that Sand Blasting Linlithgow services can be applied on many other surfaces other than metallic ones, including those made of materials such as concrete and wood. You can use a portable device, especially when in the process of cleaning objects and surfaces that are movable. Alternatively, the object to be cleaned is put in a specially enclosed area where it is sand blasted. This second method is usually referred to as containment blasting and it is preferable since it is environment friendly as the blasted sand can be contained and recycled.

Sometimes metallic surfaces and those made of other materials need to be properly cleaned. Some surfaces like those of vehicles are not easily accessible, especially when doing the cleaning manually. It is for this reason that other alternative and more efficient methods of Vehicle Cleaning Linlithgow (http://aliblast.co.uk/vehicle-cleaning) services, have been very much in handy. One of the most convenient and effective methods of properly cleaning both inaccessible and accessible surfaces of vehicle parts is through Sand Blasting Linlithgow (http://aliblast.co.uk/) services. This is a process that has to be done by professional s. It involves the use of intense pressure, granular sand and water. The mixture of water and coarse sand hits the surfaces at very high force getting rid or ant dirt or impurities.

Sometimes metallic surfaces and those made of other materials need to be properly cleaned. Some surfaces like those of vehicles are not easily accessible, especially when doing the cleaning manually. It is for this reason that other alternative and more efficient methods of

Vehicle Cleaning Linlithgow

services, have been very much in handy. One of the most convenient and effective methods of properly cleaning both inaccessible and accessible surfaces of vehicle parts is through

Sand Blasting Linlithgow

services. This is a process that has to be done by professional s. It involves the use of intense pressure, granular sand and water. The mixture of wate

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7 January

Canada’s St. Paul’s West (Ward 21) city council candidates speak

Friday, November 3, 2006

On November 13, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is St. Paul’s West (Ward 21). One candidate responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include John Adams, Tony Corpuz, Joe Mihevc (incumbent), and John Sewell.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.

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