21 July

Benefits Of Home Health Care}

Benefits of Home Health Care


Jordan Rocksmith

If you need to have medication administered to you through an infusion and would rather sit in the comfort of your own home than a doctor’s office,in-home health care can help you schedule an appointment and get started with the process.

Receiving a long dose of medication at a medical clinic can be uncomfortable and tiresome, especially if you must be there for many hours. There are other ways to get what you need in the comfort of your own home. Most in home health care agencies have experienced and trained nurses that will come into your home and set up the medication for you to receive. This is a wonderful way to rest in your home and not have to worry about driving to your appointment and back home once it is complete. Some medicines have harsh side effects and can affect your vision and perception. Getting behind the wheel without help may not be the smartest choice, so being able to lie on your couch or head off to bed is ideal.

Discuss this option with your doctor and explain why you would rather have your medication administered at home. Most doctors are okay with this and will allow you to be comfortable. Your medication can be delivered to a home health center and the nurse will tote it along to the appointment. You won’t have to worry about any bags, needles, fluids, or devices that are important in making the administration run smooth. The health care provider will be in charge of everything and will help to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the process.

There are many benefits toin-home health careproviders when needing to receive medication at your home instead of a doctor’s office. Discuss the options to make your life simpler and easier.

Sinai In-Home Care (


) is proud to have friendly, reliable and qualified staff and to provide ethical and value-driven care. We are well-connected in the greater Portland Metropolitan area and ensure that our

in-home health care

receive a continuum of care options as their needs may change over time.

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19 July

UK study highlights child abuse by humanitarian workers

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A study by the non-profit organisation Save the Children UK claims that a number of aid workers and peacekeepers from organisations such as the United Nations and Save the Children itself have engaged in sexual abuse of children in the course of their humanitarian efforts. The study also says that many of these incidents remain unreported, and those involved often go unpunished.

The study was based on field data from Sudan, Ivory Coast and Haiti, where they held focus groups followed by in-depth interviews. In 20 of the 38 focus groups, United Nations representatives were the main perpetrators of sexual abuse, possibly due to the larger number of peacekeepers than aid workers, but 23 organisations were identified as being involved across the three countries.

While 14 and 15 year olds were the most common victims, the study found cases of abuse in children as young as 6. Most offenders were men, and most of the victims were girls. One 14-year-old boy who works in a peacekeeping camp on the Ivory Coast told the study that “[o]ften it will be between eight and 10 men who will share two or three girls”.

An “overwhelming” majority of those interviewed said they would never report a case of abuse, and did not know of anyone who had reported a case, despite more than half knowing of incidents of sexual abuse, and many knowing of 10 or more. The study reported that unless this silence was dealt with, any attempts to eliminate the abuse would be “fundamentally flawed”.

“[The U.N.] will very carefully investigate and whenever there is necessary matters we will take necessary measures from this”.

In response to the study, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that the organisation’s policy on such abuse was “zero tolerance.” The U.N. “will very carefully investigate and whenever there is necessary matters we will take necessary measures from this”. Both Save the Children and the U.N. have pointed out that, while it does not reduce the seriousness of the offences, the offenders represent a small proportion of all peacekeepers and aid workers in foreign countries. As the U.N. does not have any prosecutory powers of its own, peacekeepers found to be involved in child sexual abuse are either fired or sent back to their home countries to face prosecution.

19 July

Kentucky faith-based agency under fire for religious coercion

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A lawsuit filed by a former employee of Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children (now Sunrise Children’s Services) and four other tax-payers, has shed light on the possibility of religious coercion by the organization. The lawsuit challenges the faith-based agency’s eligibility for state funds.

Specifically, interviews of children conducted by the state of Kentucky have revealed complaints from some of the children. Mainly, children who said they were Catholic, Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witnesses or atheist voiced complaints in the interviews.

“They tried to more [or] less force me to become a Christian,” said one child in an exit interview. “I just felt I was being pressured into giving up my religion.”

Another child reported s/he was “not allowed to choose when or when not to attend a religious service,” per the interview, and was told “‘to do’ some type of Bible study during that time or get consequences.”

Both the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Sunrise say there is a strict policy against proselytizing in the program and that it does not prevent children from practising their individual faiths.

They also stress that these complaints number merely a “handful” among the approximately 1,500 children that are served by the faith-based agency.

“If a child says, ‘I don’t want to go to the Baptist church,’ then the child does not go,” Jonathan Goldberg, the state’s attorney, said. Some children might have mistankenly believed they were forced to go, he added.

The plaintiffs are seeking to have the interviews unsealed, at least in the cases where the child is now 18 years of age or older. The state and Sunrise argue they need to be kept confidential.

The lawsuit originated with Alicia Pedreira, who was fired in 2000. She alleges her firing was direct result of Sunrise (then Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children) finding out she is a lesbian.

Sunrise Children’s Services provides residential programs and foster care homes for children that have suffered abuse or neglect. Since 2001, Kentucky has paid Sunrise US$61 million to provide the services for children who would otherwise be in direct state custody.

In 2001, the state did find cause for action against one of Sunrise’s homes to fix “a coercive religious environment” where staff members confirmed that church attendance was required.

With accusations of undue pressure by a Christian agency funded by the state, the Sunrise case bears some similitude to the lawsuit against Iowa for paying Chuck Colson’s evangelical agency to run part of its prison.

Last June, U.S. District Judge Robert W. Pratt strongly reprimanded and ruled against Iowa’s use of a Christian social service agency to administer its prison. Judge Pratt stated: “For all practical purposes, the state has literally established an Evangelical Christian congregation within the walls of one of its penal institutions… There are no adequate safeguards present, nor could there be, to ensure that state funds are not being directly spent to indoctrinate Iowa inmates.”

The Iowa ruling is pending appeal.

Critics point to both of these cases as failures of George W. Bush’s faith-based services initiative. The program is often seen as conflicting with the tradition of separation of church and state in the United States.

6 July

The Changing Face Of Human Resource Management Systems}

Submitted by: Tuesday Knight

Most businesses that run HRMS already understand how crucial it can be for streamlining human resource department functions. In the days before HRMS, managing human resources on a large scale was a daunting task marked by inefficiency and a paper trail that made file cabinet manufacturers an extremely happy lot. International businesses often had no central HR administration as the sharing of information, employee records, banking and payroll were only incorporated during first quarter tax assessment of the company as whole. Even some U.S. businesses with multiple offices or locations ran completely separate HR departments, with reconciliation of company expenditures related to personnel never coming to fruition. Fortunately, HRMS have made all of these problems a thing of the past.

Over the last fifteen years, HRMS have made their mark on the corporate landscape. Stiff, unyielding in nature and low on functionality, the first HRMS applications were resource consuming monstrosities that required an advanced degree in computer science to implement and operate. Company personnel would have to request HRMS data from administrators hired specifically to run the system. Instead of empowering HR departments, the earliest HRMS were more of a detriment to them. Thankfully, the technology behind HRMS improved rapidly, giving way to the indispensable tools we are accustomed to today. HRMS have evolved to contain multiple, highly specialized tools for a variety of HR tasks. The ability to manage several aspects of human resources, from time and attendance to payroll and labor distribution from one application has proven to be a valuable commodity in the business world.

One of the best developments in HRMS over the last several years has been modular packaging. At one time, HRMS were only available as a singular software entity, not a suite or series of applications. Small businesses were relegated to using the same HRMS that large businesses used, with pricing and functionality that certainly favored the latter. Today, most HRMS offer scalable modules, allowing businesses to only purchase and implement the applications they need. This reduces not only the cost of the HRMS, but keeps system resources from having to deal with larger applications that run despite only a portion of their functions being utilized.

HRMS have become a standard application in the business community, and as more companies large and small discover the inherent value of the software, the competition among developers is likely to increase. HRMS are already some of the most functional and practical of all business software solutions, but as most developers will tell you, the best is yet to come.

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6 July

Reconnaissance Orbiter finds more evidence of water on the planet Mars

Saturday, February 17, 2007

NASA‘s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered more evidence on the Planet Mars that water may have flowed beneath the surface and that “cracks” that lead below the surface may have, at one time, been “habitable” for “microbial life,” according to the head investigater for the orbiter’s camera, Dr. Alfred McEwen. The location of the find is near the Candor Chasma canyon and images of the cracks were taken in September of 2006.

“This result shows how orbital observations can identify features of particular interest for future exploration on the surface or in the subsurface or by sample return. The alteration along fractures, concentrated by the underground fluids, marks locations where we can expect to find key information about chemical and perhaps biologic processes in a subsurface environment that may have been habitable,” said McEwen.

According to NASA scientists, “mineralization” was found on the surface of the cracks and the crack’s fractures. Scientists say the minerals became visible after layers of sand and dirt eroded away from the cracks. The minerals were likely placed on the rocks after dissolving in water and then evaporating onto the rocks, causing the minerals to become rock. Another possibility on how the minerals were placed there is that the “fluid” circulating on the rock was a gas, which might or might not have contained water.

“What caught my eye was the bleaching or lack of dark material along the fracture. That is a sign of mineral alteration by fluids that moved through those joints. It reminded me of something I had seen during field studies in Utah, that is light-tone zones, or ‘haloes,’ on either side of cracks through darker sandstone,” said University of Arizona, Tucson geologist, Dr. Chris Okubo.

“The haloes visible along fractures seen in the Candor Chasma image appear to be slightly raised relative to surrounding, darker rock. This is evidence that the circulating fluids hardened the lining of the fractures, as well as bleaching it. The harder material would not erode away as quickly as softer material farther from the fractures,” said a statement on NASA’s website.

It is not clear how long the minerals might have been present or how long it took them to get on the rocks.

“It is hard to say how long ago the fluids were there – hundreds of millions or perhaps a billion years ago. But the fact that we see evidence for chemical reactions between the fluids and the rock means that the fluids were sitting there for quite a long time … that’s perhaps good if you want to look for any habitable areas that might support any biological activity,” added Okubo.

“This publication is just the first of many, many to come. The analysis is based on test observations taken even before the start of our main science phase. Since then, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has returned several terabits of science data, sustaining a pace greater than any other deep space mission. This flood of data will require years of study to exploit their full value, forever increasing our understanding of Mars and its history of climate change,” added Okubo.

5 July

Best Workout Clothing For Various Age Groups!}

Best workout clothing for various age groups!



It is possible to procure best workout clothes for different ages when you rely on best brand. New line of Motivational Workout Clothes is launched by Mind in Motion. There will be a great comfort when you slip into those slim-fit clothes. The outfit is prepared with clothes which will enhance perspiration so that you will be able to do various kinds of physical exercises without any issues.

Exercising outfit for men

When you explore Inspirational Workout Clothing, you can choose the best from a reputed brand.

New line of Workout Clothes for Men comes with metal component so that you will be able to do workouts at health club very easily. Extensive research was done by founder, Leigh Weinraub to deliver the best outfit for men and women.

As you wear right outfit, there will be a great comfort. You will be able to stretch beyond your normal limits and there will be great progress on everyday basis. Yoga Gear for Men is specially designed to withstand the rustic mens structure and there will be great convenience while sitting, bending, and moving. Exercise clothing is made with 95% bamboo and 5% spandex. The material has anti-bacterial properties. You can wash them and maintain them very easily.

Exercising outfit for women

You can also find best Workout Clothes for Women which are prepared after great research. The Exercise Gear that you pick from the market should be affordable and should give you highest level of comfort.

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The sweat will be absorbed by the cloth very easily so that girls and women will be able to do various kinds of physical exercises very easily.

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As you wear outfit of class touched by designers, it is possible to manage appropriate Workout Accessories as well. The mantra behind the Mind In Motion is Breathe and Focus. These words are printed upside down on the tops so that exercising men and women will be inspired every moment they go through those letters. There is no compromise in the quality. The designer exercising outfit is meant to make the most of every step. With great determination you will pursue workouts and it is possible to achieve your goals without any issues. There will be total physical and mental transformation when you go for new generation exercising outfit!

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5 July

Couple takes lawyer hostage and said to have explosives

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A male and a female took 3 people hostage at a law firm in Statesboro, Georgia. Police blocked off a part of this rural town on Monday. Two suspects , a man and a woman, took a lawyer hostage and claimed that they had explosives.

The suspects, Robert Eugene Brower, 43, a former client of the lawyer, and the female whose name was not released, gave up after demands for cigarettes and food were met and they spoke with a family member.

The standoff lasted for 24 hours and ended, “peacefully,” at around 10AM said Larry Schnall, a spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol.

The last of the 3 hostages to be released was identified as Michael Hostilo. He and the other two hostages were not injured. There is no word on the names of the other hostages.

Earlier reports stated that there had been a “loud boom” coming from the scene at about six o’clock this morning. Authorities have not stated what the booms were.

Police are now inside the building to locate and defuse the explosive device that the suspects claimed to have had.

Initially when police arrived, there were 3 hostages, but 2 had been recently released and were unharmed, said Maggie Fitzgerald, a city spokeswoman. “They are upset with some legal issues within the recent past and want to get those issues resolved. We are doing everything possible to end this situation without anyone being hurt.”

In a news conference Monday night, Police Chief Stan York said Brower was angry about “having been convicted in a criminal case”, in which the lawyer was his court-appointed attorney. York did not elaborate on the demands of the hostage-takers, other than saying, “they only wanted to call attention to the case.”

Georgia State Trooper Larry Schnall, a spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol, said a SWAT team was sent to the scene.

This morning authorities convinced the two suspects to give-up, but “incidents leading to an escalation resulted in some gunfire,” Stan York in a press conference just moments ago. No one was hurt in the brief eruption of gunfire.

Police later said when the suspects tried to surrender they became apprehensive and made a threatening gesture prompting authorities to draw their guns and open fire.

The standoff began at around 9AM on Monday.

5 July

Tim Russert, NBC News “Meet the Press” moderator dies at age 58

Friday, June 13, 2008

NBC News Washington bureau chief, senior vice president and the moderator of Meet the Press Tim Russert has died today after a sudden heart attack at NBC’s Washington news bureau. He was rushed to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., where resuscitation efforts failed.

Russert was recording voiceovers for Meet the Press when he collapsed. Russert and his family had recently returned from Italy after celebrating his son Luke’s graduation from Boston College. He is survived by his wife Maureen Orth, son Luke, and father, who he knew fondly as “Big Russ”, as illustrated in his best selling book, “Big Russ and Me.”

A Buffalo, New York native, Russert graduated from John Carroll University and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law before entering politics. He was also a member of the bar in New York and Washington, D.C.

Russert entered politics as former New York Governor Mario Cuomo‘s press secretary and was the chief of staff to former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Russert joined NBC News in 1984, directed broadcasts of the Today program, and went on to lead NBC News broadcasts from South America, Australia and China in 1986 and 1987.

He took over the role as Meet the Press, a Sunday morning talk show, in 1991. His 16 1/2 years as moderator exceeded those of other hosts of the sixty year old public affairs show. His tenure in the position extended over the terms of three different U.S. presidents, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Time named him one of the world’s one-hundred most influential people in 2008.

Russert was a very meritorious journalist, winning an Emmy Award for his coverage of the funeral of President Ronald Reagan. A very decorated journalist, Russert received forty-eight honorary doctorates and was a member of the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.

5 July

Interpol on the hunt for ‘Dr. Death’

Friday, June 10, 2005

An Indian-trained doctor that was apparently so inept that he was nicknamed “Dr. Death” by former colleagues is now the focus of an international hunt launched by Australian police.

Dr. Jayant Patel, an Indian-born U.S. citizen, is being linked to at least 87 deaths over the course of two years. A government inquiry has recommended he be charged with murder and negligence causing harm.

Toni Hoffman, the nurse who called Dr. Patel’s surgical record to attention in March, said, “We’d taken to hiding patients. We just thought, ‘What on earth can we do to stop this man?'”

The Queensland state inquiry has recommended Dr. Patel be charged with the murder of James Edward Phillips, a cancer patient, who died five days after Dr. Patel removed a part of Mr. Phillips’ oesophagus, despite the fact that Mr. Phillips had been refused surgery because his chances of survival were slim.

Another of Dr. Patel’s patients, Marilyn Daisy, was left unattended after a leg amputation and another doctor found her nearly comatose a few days after the operation.

Compounding the murder and negligence charge are allegations that Dr. Patel falsified his Queensland work application records by neglecting to mention his disciplinary history in the United States.

Dr. Patel was hired by Queensland’s Bundaberg Base Hospital in 2003.

While working in New York in 1984, complaints arose over Dr. Patel not adequately examining patients before surgery. And in 2001, Dr. Patel was forced to surrender his medical license.

Currently, Dr. Patel’s whereabouts are unknown, though there’s been speculation that he’s returned to his former home in Portland, Oregon.

He left Australia in April shortly after the allegations against him were made.

5 July

Natural Skin Care For Teens}

Natural Skin Care For Teens


Megan Greiner

Acne and skin blemishes are very common among teenagers as well all know, which is why at this stage in one’s life skin care is very important. At this time, natural skin care may not be attainable, but one can still get rid of the acne and blemishes by using natural methods. To start, it is important to know more about acne and why it appears. Understanding why the condition occurs will help guide you toward using natural skin care to get clear skin.

The cause of acne can be attributed to the sebaceous glands in the back, chest, and face being overproduced. The overproduction results from hormonal changes typically experienced by teenagers at the start of puberty. The condition can worsen if bacteria exists to promote infections, which then leads to scars and inflammation.

With that said, skin blemishes and mild acne cases can be treated by natural skin care. Companies promote products they claim to be natural for acne treatment, but sometimes these products only have a small amount of natural and consist of chemicals to rid of acne.

Be Careful What You Eat

Consuming fatty and greasy foods at the start of puberty, when one is most susceptible to acne, may also contribute to the cause. Anything that is consumed by the body, such as food and drinks, can have an affect on the presence of acne. By having a well balanced diet and limiting the consumption of fats and grease, this is a natural skin care method that can be effective in the prevention of acne.

Another natural technique is to drink the required amount of eight glasses of water each day. This will assist in cleaning out the toxins and impurities that contribute to acne. High sugar levels can also be a factor leading to acne, so limiting the consumption of drinks high in sugar is encouraged.


Acne can also be managed and controlled by the utilization of ointments and herbal washes. For instance, one herb is tea tree, which has properties that are antibacterial and slow the advancement of bacteria in the skin. This will help in the prevention of pimples, which are are oozing and full of pus.

Other natural skin care herbs include lavender and chamomile. These herbs have anti inflammation and antiseptic properties, which help to rid of mild to moderate cases of acne.

Using products with burdock root, pine pollen extract, and burbinella extract is another natural method. These herbs have properties that assist with the healing of skin lesions and manage the spread of bacteria.

The advantages of natural facial skin care.

What you need to know about natural skin care treatment.

Understanding organic natural skin care

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